We source nearly all of our ingredients from local farms and vendors in and around Western Massachusetts. We cook with the seasons. We challenge ourselves to use only those crops that are available to us in the spring, the vegetables that come so plentifully in summer, the fruit that is at perfect ripeness in the fall, and so on. This allows us to work with appreciation of the harvest -- to savor each flavor and to create menus that are based in the moment. 

We compost all of our food waste and recycle all paper, glass, plastic, and cardboard. When a disposable option is preferred, we supply 100% compostable tableware.   You can trust that the food you are eating has been prepped with care and that nothing, or very little, went to waste.



“We started Wheelhouse to bridge the gap we see between the industry of people and the wealth to which we bear witness everyday in the natural world." Will, Co-Founder

Our goal is to bring the local, organic, lovingly farmed food of Western Massachusetts and local areas to the tables of our guests. Our goal is to offer an experience that goes beyond pleasing the palate; one that asks the mind to consider food systems and the way in which we get our nutrients. We aim to connect our guests to the world of farming and the way it enhances our food as well as our lives. 


Our Values

No matter your age, race, ability, gender, or sexual orientation, when we open our doors, you will be treated as equals.