our Team

The following six of us make up the core crew but we wouldn't be able to accomplish anything without the help of our crew of friends who work with us in the kitchen, at events, and on our food truck. 



JAKE mazar & Will Van HEuvelen

Founder + Executive Chef
Will has seasoned experience in farming  and working in commercial bakeries and kitchens all over the country and is hands down the best cook we know. This whole gig is mostly a cover so that we get to eat more of Will's food. 

Founder + Business Director
Jake came to agriculture by way of management consulting. After a few years of counting other people's beans, he decided to start growing his own. Jake's already started one successful local food business, Artifact Cider Project, a hard cider company.


Gabrielle chapman

After moving to Western Mass from Southern California, Gabby has excelled in a variety of different food industry environments that inform her experience. With a goal to bring positive change to kitchen culture, she brings a fresh perspective to our team.

Jovel martin calderon

Jovel comes from El Salvador which has inspired his sincere love and passion for food. It is impossible not to notice that when he cooks, he always does so with a smile. He is passionate about farm to table food, local sourcing, and loves to witness people’s reaction to a good plate!



Events Manager
An enthusiastic wild-crafter, Rosa uses the flowers and herbs she finds to create mixed media art, herbal remedies, and tasty meals. After years of working with people, food, and herbs, she is excited to join the Wheelhouse team to help foster a community that finds connection through food!


Stephanie gibbs

Events Manager
Stephanie's background in the service industry has shaped a future that she didn't quite expect but embraces whole heartedly. She is passionate about creative, artistic food and cocktails and has a keen interest in local food and the history of New England cooking.