Planning a party?

Wheelhouse provides casual, custom, seasonal menus for all types of private events: weddings, birthdays, graduations, fundraisers and more. We cook with the seasons, sourcing ingredients from local farms when they are at their peak deliciousness, and we make everything from scratch. Wheelhouse catering strives for delicious food and personable service, at an affordable price point.

We offer multiple styles of catering:

  • Food Truck service for mingling meals: feels like you're eating at a hip little food truck
  • Family Style service for sit-down meals: feels like you're sharing a big meal with your friends
  • Plated service for sit-down meals: feels like a more formal atmosphere 
  • Buffet service for mingling and/or casual meals: feels like a laid back gathering, grab a plate and pick a seat 

Send us an inquiry and we can tell you more about it!

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Through our eyes, the evening was seamless and stress free. The food was delicious and the crew was awesome. They satisfied everyone from my Brooklyn foodie friends to my “where’s the hot dogs?” brother!
— Tracy, Bride