Bartending Services

In addition to food catering, Wheelhouse can provide licensed and insured professional bartenders. All staffing is done in-house and never contracted out. We began offering this service in 2017 to reduce the number of vendors that you have to work with and add continuity to our events. Over time, it’s become a true passion that we’re excited to share with you!

We strive to offer our bartending at affordable rates. Pricing is based on the number of bartender and bar-back hours, plus a small administration and insurance fee. Additionally, at Wheelhouse bartending events, alcohol can be provided by you directly, saving significant money on the overall event.

For catered events, we recommend a streamlined bar setup of beer, wine, cider, and potentially one or two signature cocktails. This allows our bar staff to focus on creating each individual drink with integrity and precision.

We’d love to consult with you on cocktail development.


Having access to the fresh, seasonal ingredients of Western Massachusetts and New England benefits not only food but also drink. And, come to that, what pairs better with farm fresh food than farm fresh cocktails? We work with couples to create a custom bar menu that will not only suit your taste but also the many varied tastes of your guests.

Wheelhouse can prepare and supply everything needed for the cocktails and we love working with interesting flavor combinations. We will have in depth discussions about your favorite flavors and drinks to design a cocktail that is unique, delicious, and will help you thoroughly enjoy the party and dance the night away.

Below are some examples of cocktails we have served in the past.



bourbon lavender grey

When sourcing locally, spring can be a difficult time to take advantage of the not-yet-ripe fruits that summer bears. We bypassed that issue by shaking up this lovely mixture of bourbon, early grey tea, and lavender syrup.


Honey Thyme Fizz

Though simplicity can often be necessary with spring cocktails, that makes them no less delicious. Thyme, honey, and lime make for a light, slightly sweet, and well balanced combination with the added benefit of intoxicating aromatics.

some other possible spring ingredients:
rhubarb, chamomile, various teas, dried herbs, cider, maple, ginger, orange flower water, rose water



Raspberry Rosewater Cocktail

Raspberry and rosewater make a most romantic combination when paired with vodka and a splash of sparkling water. We especially love garnishing with fresh florals like these rose petals.


Ginger Buck

Whiskey, lemon, ginger beer make up a classic cocktail combination that is both delicious and energizing. Buck style cocktails are easy drinking and a well-loved favorite.

some other possible summer ingredients:
basil, beets, strawberries, melons, mint, sage, plums, peaches, nectarines, blueberries, raspberries, cucumbers



Smoked Rosemary Sour +
Cider Cazadores Soda

We paired both gin and tequila with local apples and local cider. Smoked rosemary gives the gin cocktail a unique depth while the cider and tequila playfully mingle with lemon.


Maple Pear Sour

Rum, maple, and pear create a joyful cocktail. Though rum can often be pushed into the summer drink category, we enjoy its warming, romantic qualities and believe it makes for a lovely autumn cocktail.

some other possible fall ingredients:
apples, ginger, preserved fruits, various teas, cranberries, pumpkin, dried herbs, cinnamon, anise, various spices



Sparkling cranberry
cardamom cocktail

Vodka and cranberry make a classic combination that even the most infrequent of drinkers know and love. Prossecco and cardamom create a celebratory riff on the
age-old Cape Codder.


Amaro Cocktails

Winter is a great time to embrace classic amaro cocktails, such as Amaro and Prosecco (pictured above) or cult classics like the Negroni. Due to their unique, deep, earthy flavor profiles, they make fantastic winter drinks.

some other possible winter ingredients:
allspice, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, cider, maple, ginger, pear, preserved fruits, teas, dried herbs, rosemary