“Food is, for me, a primary language, a tool, and a lens - to express myself; to let others know I care; to create community; to enlarge my values and my heritage; to view and understand the world.”
— Anna, Chef

The following six of us make up the core crew but we wouldn't be able to accomplish anything without the help of our crew of friends who work with us in the kitchen, at events, and on our food truck. 



JAKE mazar & Will Van HEuvelen

Founder + Executive Chef
Will has seasoned experience in farming  and working in commercial bakeries and kitchens all over the country and is hands down the best cook we know. This whole gig is mostly a cover so that we get to eat more of Will's food. 

Founder + Business Director
Jake came to agriculture by way of management consulting. After a few years of counting other people's beans, he decided to start growing his own. Jake's already started one successful local food business, Artifact Cider Project, a hard cider company.


Kayden moore

Kayden has worked in food and farming in New England and beyond for over ten years. He’s invested not only in cooking delicious food, but also in shifting kitchen culture to make people feel supported and valued in the experience and identities they bring to the table.


Anna brings to the team years of culinary experience in the U.S. and abroad, as well as multiple seasons farming in New England. Her French heritage, time spent studying food in Italy, and experience as a farmer has informed the way she interacts with food and cooking as a dynamic relationship between season, locale and community. 


Calla sonerson

Events Manager
Calla joins the Wheelhouse team with a decade of food service background and a passion for local food culture. Her background is in nutrition and sustainable food systems. Calla values delivering an experience that connects people with food, farms, and community. 


Stephanie gibbs

Events Manager
Stephanie's background in the service industry has shaped a future that she didn't quite expect but embraces whole heartedly. She is passionate about creative, artistic food and her love for cocktails has taken her to share her recipes with the internet on Instagram.