The economy of nature is of generosity; and we started Wheelhouse to bridge the gap we see between the industry of people and the wealth to which we bear witness everyday in the natural world. Wheelhouse is a reflection of who we are and where we come from. We spent our twenties on farms across the country—in California, New York, and Massachusetts. And in that varied experience, we have come to appreciate the narrative arc a growing season follows. Our mission is to take that arc, that experience, and translate the rhythm of our region into a culinary experience that occurs in concert with—not in spite of—the place in which we are. The economy of nature—it is abundant, radiant, sensually vibrant. It is an asset; and we strive to appreciate our region as well as the labor that goes into bringing that economy to our plates.
— Co-founder Will


Jake Mazar &

Will Van Heuvelen / Owners 


Jake Mazar // Business Director:  Jake came to agriculture by way of management consulting. But after a few years of counting other people's beans, he decided to start growing his own. Jake's already started one successful local food business, Artifact Cider Project, a hard cider company.

Will Van Heuvelen // Head Chef:  Will has experience working in commercial bakeries and kitchens all over the country and is hands down the best cook we know. This whole gig is mostly a cover so that we get to eat more of Will's food. 


Anna Feldman / Chef

Anna brings to the team years of culinary experience as well as multiple seasons farming in New England.  Her experience as a farmer has informed the way she interacts with food and cooking as a dynamic relationship between season, location and community. 

"Food is for me a language, a tool, and a lens- to express myself; to let others know I care; to create community; to express my values and heritage; to view and understand the world."


Wheelhouse was started by Jake, Will and Zoe, who met while farming and living together at Brookfield Farm in Amherst. Wheelhouse was born out of our vision for increasing access to sustainably grown produce sourced from local, small farms in Massachusetts' Pioneer Valley. We started with a food business because we love making good food with all of the farm fresh bounty in the valley. Zoe has since returned to farming full-time at Brookfield Farm (and helps grow lots of Wheelhouse produce!), while Jake and Will continue to run the operations at Wheelhouse.


Additionally, Wheelhouse wouldn't be possible without the amazing crew of friends who help us in the kitchen and on the truck!


When you eat at Wheelhouse you're eating a meal that's traveled a short distance but come a long way: starting with recipe creation, using ingredients sourced by us, prepped from scratch by us, and served by us and our awesome team. We're committed to the unmatched deliciousness of seasonality, so our menu changes with the growing season.

In addition to farmers markets, festivals, and on-farm dinners, Wheelhouse Farm Truck is also available for private events. We will work with you to create a seasonal menu comprising the best of what Pioneer Valley farms have to offer. See our Catering page for more info.